What Makes Texas Hold’em Different?


Originating in Robstown, Texas, Texas Hold’em Poker has rapidly grown to become the most popular type of Poker in the world. Millions of people enjoy participating in home games, playing tournaments in the casino or even trying their luck online. From Omaha and Oxford Stud, to Chinese Poker and H.O.R.S.E, there are so many different types of Poker available that it can be tough to know what’s what. Read on to find out exactly what makes Texas Hold’Em Poker different from other types of poker.

Let’s start with the basics: in Texas hold’em each player is dealt two private cards, and the aim of the game is to make the best possible hand out using five cards, which can be out of the two hole cards and any of the five public cards on the table. Rounds of betting are played between hands to eliminate players or build up the winnings in the pot.

Texas Hold’em differs from Omaha Poker as there are only two cards dealt as opposed to the four hole cards in Omaha. The strength of the winning hands varies greatly in both games. In Texas Hold’em it is not uncommon for a high pair to win the game, whereas in Omaha you will typically need a much stronger hand to hold up to the competition.

Another popular type of poker is that of 5-card draw. Texas Hold’em differs from this game as in 5-card draw 5 cards are initially dealt to each player. However, the player has the chance to exchange up to three of the cards in order to try and get a better hand. In Texas Hold’em there is never any trading allowed, and the hole cards that you are dealt are kept until a new round starts.

There are similarities to other types of poker too. Texas Hold’em still uses the same terminology as many of the other popular types of poker. Player will bet, check, raise and call. Tournaments will have blinds which go up as the game progresses, and money will be kept in the pot for the winner.

These are the main differences in Texas Hold’em. According to a Survey by the WPT, over 100 million people worldwide play Poker – that’s more than the amount of people who play tennis or golf! With it’s relatively easy to learn rules, and fun social setting, it’s not hard to see why Texas Hold’em is so widely played around the globe.