How to play Texas Hold’em online


One of the most popular online games is Poker and by far the most popular version is Texas Hold’em. There are several online Poker websites to choose from and they often offer you free start up money if you sign up to them. Most of them seem to belong to reputable gaming companies and your money and details are quite secure.

Rules and how to play

Before you start playing Hold’em you should learn all the rules, the ranking of hands and how to make a winning hand. You have to know when it’s good to check, bet or fold your cards. Most experienced poker players know the relative value and probability of winning with the cards they receive and they don’t throw their money at lost causes. So you also need to know how the cards are dealt and how to use them.

Getting started and playing Texas Hold’em

Once you’ve signed up to a website you can choose your user name and password, people often think of something funky for their user name. You will then enter the website and select whether you are in practice mode or playing for real money. Playing in practice mode and playing for real money are two very different games, there’s no fear in placing bets when it’s not real money but when you’re playing with real money you can’t be too reckless or your money soon goes. There is usually a list of tables available, they have various levels of bets from small pence up to pounds and obviously it’s better to start with low bets. There are usually eight seats at a table and it will say how many are occupied so you can select a table with spare seats, at the right stake level. You then take your seat and follow the easy to understand instructions on screen. I would recommend you start in practice mode till you get used to how the Poker site works. Good luck y’all!